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Our curtains are designed to block light or provide privacy. Designer window curtains can also add a touch of fancy and graceful to any room.

Designer Curtains in Hyderabad
Best Curtains in Hyderabad

Designer Curtains in Hyderabad

Beautify your interiors with our curtains

Curtains modernize the interiors with itspulsating colours, textures and patterns. With abundant collection of curtains available, the right type of curtain depends on the style of your home and the look you desire. Get in touch with the best window curtain dealers in Hyderabad for exclusive interior drapes. Here are a few of the most popular types of curtains to help you make a decision.

Collaborate with Anjani furnishings, the best window curtain designer in Hyderabad, if you're looking for unique drapes for your home.

Types of Curtains

Sheer Curtains in Hyderabad

Sheer curtains

The semi-transparent fabric invites daylight into the house though the curtain is closed. These curtains add a chic look to the dining and living rooms making the space lively all day.

Blackout Curtains in Hyderabad

Blackout curtains

Apart from decorative reasons, blackout curtains permit much less light into the room and are perfect for privacy. The built-in lining makes blackout curtains perfect curtains for living room, theatres, bedrooms, etc.

Linen Curtains in Hyderabad

Linen curtains

The neutral and calm linen curtains allow a moderate amount of light indoors. By presenting both a traditional and modern look, linens act as great insulated curtains for bedroom. The drop-dead gorgeous curtains are kids friendly too.

Embroidery Curtains in Hyderabad

Embroidery curtains

Enlighten the living room décor with our exclusive embroidery curtains. The minimalistic design curtains come with customized measurements and are easily washable. The 100% cotton drapes are a perfect choice for summer.

Textured Curtains in Hyderabad

Textured curtains

Pair your interiors with extra depth and warmth with extraordinarily textured curtains. Add your personality to the interiors with textured curtains for homes. Textured curtains elevate the space by adding a style statement.

Jacquard Curtains in Hyderabad

Jacquard curtains

The high-quality material of Jacquard curtains transforms the home into lavish interiors. The complexpattern on the jacquard with special mechanical workings highlights it and makes it the most wanted curtains.

Velvet Curtains in Hyderabad

Velvet curtains

Grab guests’ attention with the dazzling velvet curtains. The soft and luxurious pattern enhances the look of the space, making it grandeur. Keep scrolling down for astonishing colours and escalate your inner aesthetics.

Kidsroom Curtains in Hyderabad

Kids room curtains

Bring joy to your little ones with thematic and kid’s room curtains. The engaging curtains kid’s favourite themes block excessive light and also withstand kid’s mess. The stunning décor element brings ecstasy to the room.

Customized Curtains in Hyderabad

Customized curtains

Make customized prints, styles and themes on curtains that give a cool look to the interior. Add extravagance and personal touch to your home by dressing up the windows with customized window curtains.

FAQ'S ( Frequently Asked Questions )

You can find the best curtains in Hyderabad at Anjani Furnishings, which offers custom-made curtains with 1000+ designs according to the customer’s required dimensions.

Consider your room’s decor and preferences to choose the right curtain style. Decide between drapes, sheer curtains, or blackout curtains based on your needs.

When evaluating certain quality, please consider the fabric’s quality, stitching, and durability to ensure they last for years.

You can find high-quality curtain rods in Hyderabad at Anjani Furnishings, specializes in home decor and furnishings.

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